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What is VisiApp?
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How to change phone number?

Path : Open VisiApp -> Go to profile option -> Tap on mobile number -> mobile number update window will appear

How can Host keep phone on Auto respond option?

Path : Open VisiApp -> select menu -> Go to profile option -> Enable Auto respond option with Allow/Deny. With this option Host can allow/deny visitors automatically. The visitor will receive the response automatically after 3 seconds.

What is the use of "DO NOT DISTURB" (DND) option?

Path : Open VisiApp -> select menu ->Go to profile option -> Enable Auto "DO NOT DISTURB" option. If the Host enables DND option, he will receive visitor’s call but phone will not ring or vibrate. The call information will be displayed in the Notification bar.

What if the Host name is not displaying on ‘Whom to meet’ list of Kiosk?

Then Visitor will not able to see the Host name on ‘Whom to meet’ page. The Host needs to add him/herself on the kiosk by referring the following path: Open VisiApp -> select menu -> Go to profile option -> Put Kiosk no. in kiosk Address. Host name will reflect on Whom to meet list page.

How can the host get old visitors list, if the VisiApp is reinstalled?

Path : Open VisiApp -> select menu -> select sync visitors. Last 50 visitors data will be updated. Check link for video Watch Video

Where the host can update profile photo?

Path : Open VisiApp -> Select profile option. Touch on camera image and select gallery or twitter for photo update.

Can the Host see previous day’s notifications in VisiApp?

Host can see only today’s notifications. Host can’t see previous/earlier day’s notifications.

How to subscribe for vendors notifications?

Path : Open VisiApp -> select inbox option -> select bell option -> tap on subscribe button of respective vendor you want to get notified. After subscription, the Host will receive Vendor checked IN/OUT notification on phone.

Can Host schedule visitor meeting?

Host can schedule visitor meeting from VisiApp. Path : Open VisiApp -> Select schedule option. Check link for video Watch Video

How can the host know planned visitor has come in premises?

If the Host scheduled visit of visitor and visitor came in premises, host will receive notification on smart phone, provided that internet connection is available.

How can the host give exit code to visitor?

Host can generate exit code after finishing the meeting with the visitor.
Path : Open Visiapp -> select visitor from list -> Touch on Exit code Icon. And the same exit code visitor will receive an SMS. Check link for video Watch Video

How the visitor will know about the exit code?

When the Host will generate exit ( check, How to generate exit code? ) code the same will be received on visitor phone as an text SMS.

Can the Host give rating to visitors?

Yes Host can give rating to visitor.
Path : Open VisiApp -> select visitor from list -> Touch on star to rate visitor.

Can Host call/sms to visitor?

Yes. Host Can call/sms to visitor from VisiApp.
Path : Open Visiapp -> select visitor from list -> Touch on call/sms icon to contact visitor.

What if the Host Forgot VisiApp login password?

If the Host forgot password then there is option during login "FORGOT? RESET PASSWORD" and Host will receive an OTP for login.

Do I have to keep VisiApp open all the time?