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What is VisiApp?
How it Works?
How it will help?
What is the cost?

What Makes us Unique

Productive way to meet and manage visitors

Unique Way to meet Visitor

Get your visitor photo before you meet them, allow or deny visit from smart phone in real time

Visitor Verification

Visitor verification using One Time Password and host ratings

Easy To Manage

Now say bye-bye, to those paper registers, Get Easy to manage web dash-board, where you can control your visitors data at no extra cost

Badge Print

Print badges for visitors with QR code for easy and quick access

Wait ! more features on the way

extra touch to digital vms

Access Control

Granting the access to a visitor based on host’s decision, open door or boom barrier.

Monitor Visitor

Monitor your visitors from simple and secure web app

Self Service Kiosk

Visitors are able to complete the entire check-in and out process without any or minimal assistance.

Notification to all

Send event notification to all users, and monitor their responses in real time


Why VisiApp?

think Visitor, think VisiApp

Easy to Setup

Loved by every age group (4+)


DATA Protected by IT law in India, EU and Canada

Web, Mobile, Tablet friendly

Highly Rated by Community

Why it is the best?

VisiApp is designed with industry standard and modern human interface guidelines, which keep it simple and easy to use tool. When you think about Visitor Management System (VMS), you think VisiApp.

VisiApp gives you full control of your Visitor with updated picture, name, mobile and purpose of visit. You can retrieve information at any point of time from any where in the world.

  • Very low or no investment.
  • Simple and professional for modern offices, residential townships
  • Easy to use, designed for every age group.
  • 24/7 Dedicated email and phone support
  • Integration support with various, third party hardware.
  • Automatic and man-less access control system support.
  • Trusted by top Banks and Hotel groups

Visi for Clubhouse

VisiMaster (kiosk), is placed at the entry gate of clubhouse with our inhouse manufactured wireless access control

VisiMaster kiosk greets resident and ask for one time access code or registerd finger

Upon validating the pass code or finger, VisiMaster kiosk open door for resident.

It's Simple yet powerful !

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